5 Ways You Could Be Leaking Time


Are you really busy or are you leaking time?


Not Enough Time To Get Things Done?


How many times have you been asked how you are and answered “busy”?  I used to a LOT!  It was a way of subconsciously asking someone to get to the point, as I just didn’t have time to do small talk!  The alternative was “tired”.  Because I was.  I was so busy working, I was tired all the time.


Not enough time

Do you find yourself so busy, you just don’t have time for “stuff”?  Get frustrated if something takes a bit longer and hear yourself say you don’t have the time?  Feel torn between spending time with kids/family and your business?  Or generally wish you could get a few more hours in the day to get things done?  Wonder how others manage it?


I was there!

A few year ago, I was in the position and have felt it again recently (although less so these days).  I felt I had a million and one things to do and no time to do them.  Then on top of that, my kids had the audacity to want to spend time with me!!  They didn’t get that I was trying to get something done, they wanted to show me their latest masterpiece.


No good comes of it

From experience, being like this will slowly erode your self-esteem, self-worth, and your quality of work.  You’ll be heading quickly towards burnout, which doesn’t benefit anyone!  Added to this, it takes a LOT of work to get back from that place…


But I haven’t got the time?

Firstly, being busy is not a badge of honour.  Affirmations are great, but “I’m busy” shouldn’t be one of them.  I suspect over the years that I used it so much that I actually manifested the situation, rather it be a result!


Strive for balance

It’s not a state that we should want or feel proud of.  We should be aiming for balance.  Our lives should flow.  We need to make time for this.  As I write this, I can feel your resistance to the concept of creating time.  I had it too when I first started learning on this subject.  But know that your resistance is a sabotage.  If you resist, you will not move out of where you are today. Being open to new ideas, you will give you an opportunity to move forward.


Are you with me?

There are some very basic reasons you don’t have enough time.  None of these will be a surprise to you, but it often takes someone else to point them out for you to realise you are doing them!


5 Reason for Leaking Time


1. Focus

Are you focusing on the right things?  Or do you get caught up in lots of things that really if you thought about it, are not a great use of your time.  Perfectionism is often a cause here.  You are trying to get something perfect when in reality, done is better than perfect.


2. Procrastination

This encompasses perfectionism too, but also adds avoidance to the mix.  What are you avoiding doing and as such making excuses by doing something else first?  Often it is things we fear or do not enjoy.  It took me ages to start working on my website, because it just didn’t light me up.  I’m fairly technical and had built websites before, but it just doesn’t get me excited.  Not only did it take me a time to get going, I kept finding excuses to work on something else and it would then be hard work to get back to.  Are you doing this?  Really be honest with yourself about why you are avoiding something.


3. Boundaries

Should you have said no to a few things, rather than try and please everyone?  You take on too much and then struggle to deliver.  I used to think saying no was rude or would mean the person would not like me.  Silly now I look back on it, but it’s something that I’d grown up to believe.  I’d often take on more than I could handle.  But I found that saying yes and not doing what you said you would, is more damaging in the long term.  By placing boundaries around yourself, you hold what is dear to you close.  Like time with your family (I do not book clients in at weekends, despite being asked), but you are also clear to others about what you will and will not do.  There’s nothing worse than not knowing where you stand with someone and this is often to do with their boundaries.  You don’t have to be an A**hole when you set them, just explain simply and it is up to them to accept them.


4. Being present

This is a slightly overused term these days, but with so many distractions in our life, we’re often thinking of something else and not concentrating on what you’re doing at that time.  Do you ever lose your phone after putting it down?  This is a simple example of being present when doing something.  My Mum is a regular with this one.  Whenever she arrives at our house, within 5 minutes she is looking for her keys.  She is so excited to see her grandkids, that she does not remember where she puts her keys.  It is lovely that she’s excited, but in reality, she could take 5 seconds to think “I am putting my keys on the hook”, as opposed to spending 10 minutes frantically looking for them later.  And involving us in the search too… I have even bought her a big bright keyring to help the search as it happens so often!


5. Self-Care

Are you prioritising yourself at the top (or near the top… I am realistic!)?  I bet you laugh at this one.  I can hear you say, “but I am too busy!”  However, without a good night’s sleep, a clear head and even better a clear environment to work in, you are going to struggle to think straight, which in turn means things take more time.


It all adds up

These are high-level reasons and they blend into one another.  As I said none of this is a huge surprise and you probably think that they’re all very small pieces of time lost, you need more than a few minutes here and there.  I get it, but by adding up, by stopping the leaking of small amounts of time, they can accumulate and effectively create time for you!


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