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Samantha Jane Slater

I’m The Time and Money Coach.

Helping Business Mums/Moms create successful business with incredible incomes, without sacrificng time with their family

‘My clients have a wide range of businesses, but they all have one thing in common…

They want to build businesses that support the life and lifestyle they want to lead.  As Mum/Moms, their families play an important part of what they do and how they do it.  They juggle many things and wear many hats.

I help them to create their versions of success.  Optimising their time.  Increasing their incomes and ensuring it is always balanced, so that there is time for them to enjoy with their families (and on their own too!).

Mindset plays a big role in all of this, so I dip into my ever expanding toolkit of therapies, as a Certified Transformational Breakthrough Coach, an NLP Practioner and a Master EFT Practioner.  As well as my background experience in Corporate HR, where I was Head of Reward for a global Teleco, and of course as a multiple business owner and most importantly a MUM!


Who Am I?

I’m Samantha Jane Slater, firstly a wife and mum of two and secondly a proud business owner and coach.  I believe we’re all on this earth to make the most of it and I have the pleasure of working with people like you, who want success on your terms. 

Your business should be the beating heart, that makes the life of your dreams, flow.


About Me

2011 was a bittersweet year for me.  I lost the one of the most important and inspirational people in my life and then a couple of weeks later, gave birth to my beautiful daughter.  Within a month, my life had shifted and I had a huge new focus.  I realised that the corporate life I led, no longer delighted me and certainly didn’t allow me the time I wanted as a new mum.  So in 2013, I left, skipping out of that office, I started my own business.


This was it! I was going to be great!  And I was! Most of the time!  But that was just the start of my journey.


I focused so much on setting up my business that when I was up and running a couple of years later, I suddenly hit a block!  I was so busy working in my business, that I struggled to see a way forward.  Busy was good, or so I was told.  But in reality, I was a victim of my success.  A good thing to everyone that’s not the victim!  But I’m ambitious, I want big things and I knew there was the opportunity, but there were so many obstacles in my way.  I needed time or money and ideally both to get there.  I’d left my role as UK Head of Reward for a well-known global organisation, I wasn’t someone who wanted to settle for a small income that I worked my backside off to get!  The trouble was, I was already struggling to run my business AND have that family time that I dreamed of.  The idea of scaling seemed an impossible dream!  I struggled to see my way forward and even contemplated a return to Corporate Life.  That was when I learned that I needed to work ON my business, not just IN it.

I still have that business that I started all those years ago and it’s doing very nicely.  In fact in FY19/20 both revenue and profit doubled from the previous year, simply using the techniques I use with my coaching clients.  My family has expanded too, when we welcomed our son in 2016.  But most importantly, I now have the family time I dreamed of (and my daughter demands!!).

So if you dream big and want it all, even if you’re not sure it’s possible, let’s have a chat… You deserve to have it all, let’s make it happen, just click here x


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