The Connected Blueprint


When you’re connected, success is inevitable…

The Connected Blueprint

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I'm ready to connect with success...


Are you putting in the work, but not getting the results you deserve?



It’s time to connect with success


You can do the work, but if you’re not connected, then you simply won’t see the results you deserve.

This is more than just being “aligned”

Do you feel that you’re putting in the effort, but it’s not translating into clients or money?

One day you’re all in and the next you’re wondering what you’re missing.

You’re trying everything that you’re told to do, but it just feels like it’s not happening.

Why are others doing so well and you’re not?

You had ambitions, but now they feel like unreachable dreams…

You’re Not Connected !

Busy as a bee, but there’s no honey!

Be a Queen Bee not a Worker Bee

I want the honey!

Connection is more than just being aligned.

Why is connections so important?

Connection is like a diamond with many facets;

Connection with yourself

    • It’s about the inner work. 
    • Creating the strength and resiliance to build a strong business
    • Understanding your key drivers for success.
    • Being true to your values and personal policies, so that you can build an aligned business.

Connection with what you want to achieve

    • Understanding the actions you need to take on a daily basis and having confidence in the descions you make.
    • It’s about knowing why the actions are important (even when you resist), so you step out of your comfort zone and move your business forward.
    • Connecting back to your why.  Making sure that what is important to you, is central to your decision-making.  Enabling you to have clarity and balance in your business and life.

Connection with what is holding you back

    • Knowing your strengths and creating awareness around what is holding you back. 
    • Not letting your subconscious create an excuse to hide behind and keep you small!
    • It’s about knowing how best overcome those pesky limiting beliefs and blocks, so they no longer hold you back.
    • Knowing how to continuously have awareness as you tackle each layer of your mindset.
    • So you become unstoppable!

Connection with Self-Worth to Incease Your Income

    • Understanding how your realationship with money and how it affects the flow in and out of your life
    • Building on that knowledge to improve it and create a beautiful relationship with money, so that the money flows freely… nothing gets in it’s way.
    • Money is what we need to live that life you dream of and you deserve it, so let’s make it happen!

When we connect we join the dots to create our own blueprint for success!

This blueprint will enable you to make MORE money in LESS time WITH Balance! 

    Hearts and Crosses

    The Connection Blueprint is a 2 month Group Coaching Course that takes you by the hand and leads your through the steps for you to create your very own Connection Blueprint.   

    It also gives you the tools to improve that connection as you grow. 

    Because you will grow! 

    When you have connection, success is inevitable…

    I need to connect!

    This 2 month, packed transformational course will enable you to;

    Connect with your Authentic Vision, so you;

      • Have absolute clarity on the Who, What, When, Why and How of your business.
      • Not only align with your values, but it will attract your soul clients too.
      • Can make decisions easier and with confidence.
      • Ditch the hard work and the “busy” badge as it becomes so much more fun running your business!

    Connect with awareness;

      • It’ll become easier to spot those limiting beliefs and blocks getting in your way.
      • You’ll stop going round in circles, wondering why you’re doing the work and not getting the results.
      • You can step off that hamster wheel and address the issue head on.

    Connect with the tools and hacks to use to overcome those limiting beliefs and blocks

      • Dealing with mindset is like peeling an onion.  As you deal with one layer, there is another layer underneath.  This is about giving you the ability to work on the layers long after this course has finished!

    Connect with your money blocks!

      • The juciest of all limiting beliefs and blocks!
      • Understand the connection with self-worth and your income
      • We’ll dig into where your blocks are and how you overcome them, using what you uncovered when we looked at your Authentic Vision.

    Be totally supported all the way as you dig deep!

    And because I know that life happens and many of us are parents, there’s a break over October half term, to allow anyone behind to catch up or those that are on it, to have a break.


    When you have Connection you;

    Create absolute clarity

    Take action with confidence

    Don’t let limiting beliefs and blocks get in your way

    Build a business that is more than aligned, but one that is connected to your soul

    Have balance that brings joy

    Develop a better relationship with money

    At the end of the 2 months;

    You will have the tools to take you forward


    You’ll be able to identify what is getting in your way and have the methods to ensure they don’t stop you!

    Build an amazing business and an incredible income AND have time with your loved ones…

    Yes Please!

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    Yes Please!

    What people say

    Samantha has a special gift for pulling out of you what needs to get done and then helps you get it done by implementing plans and setting goals.

    Her Workshops have totally changed my life!!!

    I have gone from being all over the place, feeling totally stressed out and having a chaotic life to feeling calm and content.

    Knowing that I can achieve it all one step at a time. I am so incredibly grateful that Samantha and my paths crossed when they did.

    I believe that everyone would benefit from Samantha’s Workshops and 121’s to get a grip on life.

    Philippa Storie

    Owner, Crystal Clear

    I knew I needed to work with Sam straight away, so when her course was launched, I signed up straight away.  I was stuck and overwhelmed with ideas, and struggled to know what to do in what order!

    The  course clarified what was holding me back.  It gave me confidence to know what I needed to do, To move my business forward.  I had direction!

    If you’re stuck and overwhelmed, then I would recommend Sam’s course as you may have the tools, but Sam is able to show you how to use them to the best of your ability… she has a way of bringing out the best in people!  There’s no pressure to get the work done, but Sam is great at encouraging you and talking it through, so that you can take what you need.

    Lola Owen

    Owner/Founder Forever S'More

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