Transform Your Money Mindset!

What could you do if you tripled your income?

How would it feel if money just appeared in your bank account?

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Transform your money mindset in a day

These are not dreams

This can be your reality

When you transform your Money Mindset

Wednesday 24th November

10:30 to 2:30 (UK time)

I'm in!

Making money doesn’t have to be hard.

And you don’t have to work hard for it.

Yes, you need to take action… it doesn’t happen on it’s own

But when you’ve transformed your money mindset, that action is the right action

The action that gets results

That brings in money

Not the chasing tail action that means you work your backside off, for very little or even nothing in return!

By transforming their money mindset my clients have;

Tripled their income within 3 months

Doubled their income in a month

Received a surprise £1,000 into their bank account… that wasn’t a mistake!

I want all these things for you too!

Book by 19th November








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You have the power to create the income you want.

No-one else.

Not me!


You are the one that has the ability to do it. 

Which also means that you are the one stopping it happening.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping

As  Master EFT Practioner as well as a Certified Transformational Breakthrough Coach and NLP Practioner, I draw on the unique combination of these skillsets, knowledge, experience and my empathic ability, to provide you with a method in which you can release your blocks without bringing up your demons!

Break ancestral money blocks

Many of our blocks are passed through generations. 

It’s our responsibility to break these chains and create positive relationships to money for ourselves and for our children.

Most of our beliefs are defined when we are children, from the experiences we have.  What we witness and hear from influencing adults.

Often it’s done from a place of love.  “Don’t put money in your mouth, it’s dirty”, is meant to keep us safe or “money doesn’t buy happiness”, that we should focus on happiness first.  From these sayings we form meanings, limiting beliefs in our subconscious that go on for form a reality where we repel money.  We block it from our life without even realising it!

As kids we’re told “work hard”, “money is dirty”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “rich people are selfish/greedy”.

These and more all go to create our limiting beliefs around money.  As we grow up, we see more evidence of these things and they become blocks in our subconscious.  Preventing money coming to us.

But you can change your relationship and reprogramme your subconscious to welcome money.

Create YOUR Financial Freedom!

Book by Friday 19th November








YES! I want financial freedom!


Who is this for?

This is not for everyone!

Spaces are limited to just 5 people for this Transformation Day, so make sure you grab your spot before they go!

I have an early bird offer for those in my Facebook Group only, because I want action takers.  Whilst this is going to be a powerful session, it is also going to be challenging too.  This is for those that are ready to do the work!

I want you to get results, because your success is my success!  I’m invested in your outcomes!  I want to add what your new money reality is to the top of this page!!!  I wonder what it will read?

Can I release all my money blocks in one day?

Oh gosh, I wish we could!  Sadly it takes a lot more than a day to that.  The fantastic element of these transformation days though, is that you will take action and clear blocks and limiting beliefs, AND then armed with all my resources, you can continuously improve!

The key to all of my work is creating awareness!  When we have awareness, we can find solutions.  It’s when these things are stuck in our subconscious and we just don’t understand why it’s not working for us, that really causes us problems!


How will the day work?

It will be an intense day!  I will be sending out ways to prepare, so you get the most out of our time together.

As always. we’ll be working through my 5 step manifestation formula, because we want to manifest a new money future for you!

Using my unique skillset combining EFT, NLP, and transformation breakthrough techniques, as well as my empathic abilities, knowledge and experience, we’ll go through a series of exercises and activities to draw out your limiting beliefs and blocks from your subconscious into your conscious.  Once you’re aware of what is currently getting in your way, we can then regrogramme or replace them with positive reinforcements.

But as I mentioned before, this is not a one stop shop to clear them all.  Mindset is like the layers of an onion and we need to keep peeling.  After our day together, you will have the tools to continue the work! 

I will provide you with plenty of resources to help you going forward!

You will be totally supported?

Know that you will be in a safe place in this group.  I am keeping it intentionally small to ensure that you are totally supported, to achieve what you want and need.

What my clients say…

I was wanting to grow my online presence and the amount of people who attend my classes, but I was aware of my worry about not possibly making enough money. I felt like I failed if I didn’t get “enough” people into my classes.


Sam was honest and kind. She pointed out my blind spots – my feast/famine pattern and that I’m still living like a student although I’m not one. She gently helped me realise what I was doing to repel money from me.


Since we’ve worked together I have manifested money and work from places that I didn’t expect: I have started teaching in lots of schools and foresee that continuing, with Sam’s guidance and encouragement I was able to ask for way more money for a project than I would have, I have had funding granted for lots of classes whereas all I had thought I’d do was run my own courses with x amount of participants. Sam helped me believe in myself and what was possible for me.

Katie McGreal

Solus Relaxation

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sam’s services as even after one session she enabled me to believe in myself and see that I can and fit the business around my life and be at home for my children. Sam is hugely professional but at the same time she puts a lot of passion into what she does, having taken the journey herself. She can relate to every step that we are taking and she does it with genuine compassion.

Julia Nesbitt

Secrets From The Shires

Samantha has a special gift for pulling out of you what needs to get done and then helps you get it done by implementing plans and setting goals. Her Workshops have totally changed my life!!! nuine compassion.

Philippa Storie

Crystal Clear Healing

Still unsure?

Drop me a message, I’m always happy to talk


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