10 Steps to Increase Money Flow In Your Business and Life


Ever dreamed of a Lottery Win?

How often have you asked the Universe for a lottery win?  But we regularly hear about lottery winners that have lost all the money or even declaring bankruptcy!  Why?  Money Blocks!


Blocks stop us having money

Our subconscious can create blocks that stop us from earning money or even being able to keep it!  I struggled with this concept initially, as why would I want to stop myself earning money?  I want to be RICH!  But as I have worked on my self-development over the years, I have learning that my subconscious wants to keep me safe.  It thinks that change is scary, so it stops it.  That includes preventing us earning more and creating a better life.  Without recognising our subconscious blocks to money, we are neither going to be able to create wealth or keep it!


Money Stories

Our money mindset is created from an early age.  We hear and witness how our parents and others deal with money and we make stories around them, that form how we interact with money when we are older.  You may have even been told that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “rich people are selfish” … these all form our beliefs.  Some may set up us up well, others can damage the relationship we have with money.


Steps to increase money flow


Step 1 Get on top of your money stuff!

Don’t delay sending out invoices.  Chase late payments… sack those that are regularly late in paying… you don’t want or need to spend time chasing when you could be making money!  It may sound harsh, but they are not your ideal customer if they do not pay on time!  You need to clear the way for people that do pay on time!  Also (apologies for the pun) think about the other side of the coin too.  Make sure you pay what you owe… none of the “if I wait until the last minute, I will keep it in my bank account longer”! Ok sometimes you can’t immediately.  I’ve had big credit card debts in my past!  But at least make a plan to do so… I’ll talk about this later.


Step 2 Make it easy for people to buy from you!

This is a classic self-sabotage!  So many female business owners do it.  I certainly did!  For some bizarre reason I would put obstacles in the way of those that wanted to buy from me.  People want to buy, but if you make it hard, they will go away.  So, check all your processes and make sure they are simple for the customer.


Step 3 Write down the stories you have around money.

Identify what your stories are (there are probably a few) and then find examples of situations that prove them wrong!  For me it is about my Dad and Aunt having money, but my mum being broke, because she had to consider me, her daughter…. I interpreted that as you couldn’t have money and kids!  Whilst many parents are very comfortable in their financial situation, because of my interpretation, I started to struggle with money when my daughter was born, having been very comfortable beforehand… and no it was not just because of lower maternity pay… I received full pay whilst on maternity, due to my then Company’s generous policy!


Step 4 Track your income.

And track value too.  If you are a fan of manifesting and asking the Universe, then this is essential.  We often miss money coming to us in different forms and we need to recognise them, so we can be grateful to the Universe for delivering.  This is not about keeping your accounts.  This is about noting and celebrating every bit of income you receive, whether it be payment from a customer, a coin found in the street or a cup of coffee someone purchases for you.  Track it all.  You’ll be surprised as to how much you receive.  Don’t overcomplicate this.  Keep it simple, so that it works for you.  You can use an App, an excel spreadsheet or I have an old-fashioned notepad that I enjoy writing in.  And remember, where the focus goes, energy flows and in this instance, energy is money or money is energy!  Which takes me to the next point nicely

Step 5 Think of money as energy.

Often, we do not think positively about money… it’s dirty, rich people are horrible/selfish/arrogant (all part of your story!), so we effectively repel money! If you want to attract it, you must build a better relationship with it!  One of the ways to do this is to think of it as energy.  When you provide a service or product, you put energy into creating it, so it’s only fair that you receive energy in exchange!


Step 6 Recognise your money personality

Knowing how we deal with money and how we spend it are important in the relationship we have with money.  Do you cling on to money, fearful of losing it?  Do you receive money and then immediately feel the need to spend it?  Both come from fear.  Try to make your relationship positive.  Instead put the belief in that you’re a saver or you believe in spending to ensure that money flows in the world.  How do you spend it is part of your personality too?  Do you spend it on others?  On material things that make you feel good?  Do you buy the cheapest or the best quality?  Your immediate reaction may be that your personality is wrong… it’s not.  With mindset it’s important not to think you are wrong, but instead work out how to make it positive.  Use your money personality to your advantage.  It’ll also help you identify when you are sabotaging your money success!


Step 7 Look after your money.

Treat the money you have well.  Keep it in a nice purse that you enjoy getting out when you spend it.  Appreciate the money you receive, but also enjoy the money when you release it, in exchange for something else.  Don’t leave money around the house.  Give it a nice place to be… either a pot or that nice purse.  Remember gratitude is an important part of creating positivity.  If you want a positive relationship with money, then be grateful for it.  Show it love.


Step 8 Plan out your finances.

At this point, I want to point out I am not a financial advisor.  I purely informing you of what I do and how it has been successful.  Please do take professional advice in this area if you are concerned!

Make a profit!

This is an easy version of the Profit First Method.  The Profit First Method by Mike Michalowicz is a great book if you want to read it!  The overall premise is that you should take your profits out the business first.  Before your expenses.  He likens it to eating from a smaller plate when on a diet.  We often plough all our money back into our businesses, thinking we’ll be paid when we’re successful.  But there is always something to spend the money on, so we often end up not making a profit.  Turning it on its head and taking the profits first, you then spend what you have in the expenses pot and do not erode profit.  Let’s face it we all deserve to earn money from our business, and this is the best way I found to do it!

Set up bank accounts

I set up several bank accounts and allocated percentages of my revenue to each… different businesses, had different allocations, but it would be along the lines of;

    • Profit
    • Tax – still do this even if you don’t pay tax yet. It’ll get you into the frame of mind for when it happens…. You should be looking forward to earning enough to pay taxes!  Not wanting to pay tax is a money block in itself!  In the meantime, if no tax is due, you can have a bonus at the end of the year!
    • Expenses- for each of my business, I worked out what the average margins were and put in what I felt was the “cost of sales”
    • Self- Development – this is for training courses, membership etc

I also had a debt repayment account to address those credit card bills that I could not pay off in one go!

Try it out

You can have as many bank accounts as you want, and you can allocate a much or as little to each as you want.  I would suggest you decide on allocations at the beginning before you start then see how they go… review after a month or two and adjust until you are happy.

Be profitable overnight

The Method recommends you allocate twice a month, but you can do it as often as you like.  When I was starting out, I did it after every sale, because it was fun to see my pots growing.  Allocate revenue to the accounts, based on your allocations… this does not deal with outgoings at this point!     This can create a profitable business overnight and was a game changer for me!

Step 9 Declare your love

We all deserve to have money.  It is not evil, and we won’t become selfish or a bitch when we become rich.  With money we can do more things.  We can make life more enjoyable, easier.  Create amazing experiences for our families and kids.  Give to charity.  You can’t do this being poor.  Money does not change you, but it will amplify your personality.  I’m assuming you are a wonderful, kind-hearted person (I don’t allow any other kind of people into my world!), so money will amplify that.  And let’s face it, the world could do with more wonderful, kind-hearted people to oust those that are power hungry!  So, don’t feel icky about asking for, earning, or receiving money.  You deserve it.

Step 10 One final point

Pass on good financial habits to your kids.  Pay it forward.  I really belief that financial awareness should be taught in schools, especially to girls.  But until then, make it your responsibility to ensure that the next generation have better money habits.


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