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A transformational course to overcome what is stopping you realising the success and income you deserve.

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Are you working your backside off, without the income to show for it?

 I know what it’s like…

You’ve been growing your business, but you keep getting stuck.  You’re doing all the things you’re supposed to, but it’s just not happening.  Why isn’t it working for you?

You’re looking for that silver bullet, that missing piece that will make all the work you have done fit together and work!  Is it a business or marketing plan?  A strategy?  Is it someone with a magic wand?

You’re starting to wonder if those dreams of an amazing business you love and an income that means you get to do fun things with your family will ever be reality?

Is all this hard work and heart ache worth it… you could be in a soul sucking job instead!

Quote from Maya Angelou

Imagine if you;

Had complete clarity of what you need to do. 

Your very own step by step plan that you can work to. 

Knowing that you o what was needed and have complete confidence that you can get to where you want.

Nothing will get in your own way. 

With focus, procrastination is a thing of the past.  no more chasing your tail, you get things done and consistently move forward

Creating the income that has been so illusive!

Have the best months in business ever!!

Know that this is just the start, you’re unstoppable now, success is waiting for you because you’re

Building a business you love, in a way you love, giving you the income you love, so that you have the life you love…. 

I wanna Beat My Blocks NOW!

  1. Business can be tough

Running a business can feel like an uphill struggle.  When you’re not seeing the success you dreamed of or the income that you hoped for or even need, it can be soul destroying. But don’t give up! I want to help you. I care about your success!

It doesn’t have to be hard. Yes, you need to put in work, but when you get things right, it shouldn’t feel like an effort. it will feel like fun!

How do I know this? Because I was that person. Wondering what the hell I was doing. Worrying about paying the bills. My husband suggesting I should get a job. I’d been successful in my career before starting my own business, why couldn’t I translate that success now?

Fast forward to today and I have not one, but two successful businesses. A very happy and supportive husband. I spend time with my kids… in fact my businesses work around them, not other way around. Life is very different.


What changed?

My Mindset. I beat my blocks.

Welcome to

[Beat your Blocks Logo

I'm ready to transform!

A 5 week transformational mindset course, that digs deep into what is holding you back. 

Providing the tools, hacks and plenty of support so that you can create the successful business you’ve been dreaming of, with the income you deserve and best of all, do it without sacrificing time with you family.

Stop looking for THE answer!


I wish I could tell you there is a set way to build your business, but just as you are unique, so is your business.


I know there are lots of coaches out there, telling you that they have the exact method for you to use that got them to 6 figures etc, but business is not like that. As much as we would like a step by step guide or a silver bullet for a successful business, they simply don’t exist.


Because just as we are each unique, so are our businesses. It’s the most brilliant part of running your business, but when you’re stuck, it’s also the most frustrating part. What works for one person, may not work for you. So we need to find the best way for us. By doing that, you build a business that truly meets your needs. It becomes fun, not an effort. Creates the income you want and need. It fits around your family and doesn’t compete with them!


But to get there you need to build the mindset for success and beat those blocks that are holding you back!


Mindset is the difference between success and not…

The reason so many people give up on business is because they look for external help and guidance. But we need to look inside ourselves. Because it’s our mindset that is the difference between success and failure.

My Beat your Blocks course is for you if;

You want to see a return on the work that you have put into your business

You’re more than ready to step up in your business, mindset and income.

You’re open to digging into your blocks and overcoming them .  Don’t worry, you don’t need to know what your blocks are, we’ll be doing that bit during the course.

You’re ready to start making an impact in the world.


It’s transformed others already…  This is what they say…

She has a way of bringing out the best in people!


I knew I needed to work with Sam straight away, so when the Beat Your Blocks course was launched, I signed up straight away.  I was stuck and overwhelmed with ideas, and struggled to know what to do in what order!

The Beat Your Blocks course, clarified what was holding me back.  It gave me confidence to know what I needed to do, to move my business forward.  I had direction!

If you’re stuck and overwhelmed, then I would recommend the Beat Your Blocks course, as you may have the tools, but Sam is able to show you how to use them to the best of your ability… she has a way of bringing out the best in people!  There’s no pressure to get the work done, but Sam is great at encouraging you and talking it through, so that you can take what you need.

Lola Owen

Owner/Founder, Forever S'More

Beckie’s had the best months in business since completing the course


Beckie Sanderson

Owner/Founder, Miss Digital Media

This course isn’t for everyone…

Please don’t take this course, if you are unable to do the work.  To dig into what is holding you back.  If you’re not ready to take the step.

I care about my clients  and the results they get.  It’s as important for me that you realise the transofrmation, as it is for you.  Whilst I will give you all the support I can, ultimately you need to do the work and to take the actions needed.


What The 5 Weeks Is All About


Week 1

Your Authentic Vision

This week, we’ll be exploring what your authentic vision is.

Digging deep to reveal what you want and why.  No more playing small, you’ll be dreaming big!

Creating a plan that builds on your passion and desires, not just for your business, but your life too… they are intertwined after all!


Week 2

Turn Your Fear to Motivation 

Too often fear rules our thought processes, so I love seeing the transformations when my clients go through this process.

It might seem straightforward, but there’s a lot of science behind the success of this.

And the results whilst subtle at first, build with time, especially when I reveal my hacks!


Week 3

Let’s talk Money

The first of two weeks on this subject!  But it’s the biggest of mindset blocks, so needs the dedication if you’re going to dig deep and beat them!

I’ll take you through ways to identify your stories both obvious and hidden and learn how your beliefs have created the blocks you have today.

Once identified, dealing with them is the easy bit.  But be warned, this is deep work, be prepared for some significant things to come out of it!


Week 4

Let’s talk Money – Part 2

Continuing on with money and after releasing the blocks associated with our past beliefs, we’ll look at how we can move forward.

We’ll look at how we can create a better relationship with money.  Fall in love with it again, welcoming it back into our lives..


Week 5

Release to Step Up

Now you know the secrets to a successful mindset with a few hacks added in, you’re ready to go.

We’ll work out a plan together for your path to success.  Identifying what you will do and most importantly getting rid of what is holding you back.  And with your “beat Your Blocks” toolkit, you’re going to be UNSTOPPABLE.

Let’s raise a glass to your success…  the success you deserve.


Total Support

I’m invested in your success and want to ensure you beat those blocks to create your success mindset. So in addition to the work, exercises and hacks, we’ll have a private Facebook group, where you can share your challenges and successes.  I’ll be in there ready to help you overcome anything that arises.

This is a small group, so it will be a safe place to share and be vulnerable.

In addition, we’ll have a group coaching session each week to make sure you are really digging deep, clearing what needs to be released and making breakthroughs at every step.

All this for $750... Ready?

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