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work with me

I believe coaching should be accessable to all…

Which is why I have a few ways you can work with me.

I invest in coaching and know how much of an impact it has had on the success of my businesses.

But I’m very aware that it can be hard to find the right kind of coaching for your needs and/or situation.

I know how we need different levels of support at different points of our journey.

That is why I have a selection of offers at various levels to meet your need.

Below I’ve detailed how you can work with me and propel your business forward.

Whichever option you take, know that I will invest in you as much as you do… your success is my success!

How you can work with me

Facebook Group

My Free Facebook Group £0

I share plenty of value, tips and hacks in my free Facebook Group – The Female Business Owners’ Mastermind.  Click Here to join

Self-Coaching Workbook Front Cover

My Self-Coaching Workbook £17

This is the workbook, I wish I’d had when I first realised I needed help!  I didn’t know what help I needed or where to get it!

I’ve created a self-coaching workbook that will enable you to coach yourself.  Beautifully presented with questions and exercises to explore what you need to do to make that essential next step…. and the next and the next, because it is something you can use time and time again, when you want to push the boundaries and move forward!  Available to purchase NOW!

Monthly Planning Workshops plan

Monthly Planning Workshops £47

A Mastermind style workshop, where we plan our next month to be our best yet, using my 5 Step Manifesting Formula.  A 90 minute session that creates more time for us, because when we plan, we reduce distractions and procrastination and press fast forward on success.  Yes, we discuss our businesses, but it’s about so much more… Connection, Support, Celebration.  It’s all about making our hopes and dreams a reality… whilst having a lot of fun together!

Transformationn Day

Transformation Days £397

An intensive day!  Each day will have a specific focus, including Money Blocks and Limiting Beliefs.  As a group, we will deep dive into uncovering, creating awareness and of course, changing the mindset pieces that are holding you back.  As a Certified Transformational Breakthrough Coach, a NLP Practitioner and a Master EFT Practitioner, I have a toolkit to help you overcome what is holding you back.  It is an exhausting day, but oh my the breakthroughs… THE TRANSFORMATIONS!!!

Sold out

One to One Coaching £697

4 x transformational coaching sessions, totally dedicated to your transformation and progression.  As such the number of one to one to clients I take on is limited.  Let’s press fast forward on your journey to success!

As well as our coaching sessions together, I’m available on DM in between our sessions and will happily provide personalised meditations and EFT scripts to help as much as I can.  Because your success is my success!  PLUS you get to join my Monthly Planning Workshop at no additional cost!

The Connected Blueprint

The Connected Blueprint Group Coaching – £1,297

In this impactful 11 week, group coaching programme, we connect to the four elements of mindset, reprogramming your subconscious, to give you the clarity and focus to achieve business success quickly with ease and flow.

The Success Blueprint

The Success Blueprint – Wait List

If you’re doing all the work and not getting the results, then The Success Blueprint will change that.  Focusing on the 20% that gets 80% of the results, it will take you through the actions you need to achieve success and align them to your uniqueness.  Working through each step, so you make offers that convert!

With complete support throughout this course, it is like no other out there!

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