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Planning Workshops

How often do you sit down to put together a clear and written plan for your business?




Planning Workshops


Planning Workshop
I get that you’re busy…
But as Jim Rohn says, “Fail to plan. Plan to Fail”

Imagine getting in a car. If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know what direction to go in?

Even if you know where you want to go, if you don’t have a map (aka a plan) or help of a sat nav, you’re going to struggle to know what direction to go in when you get to a junction (aka a business decision). There may be signs along the way, but what if they don’t actually say “your success”, how will you know that road leads there?

You may hear people tell you that if you follow their route, you’ll have the success they have, but that simply is not true. Just as human beings we are all different, so are our routes to success… gosh even what success looks like is different for everyone!

You need your OWN plan.

If you struggle to make the time, then these workshops are perfect for you! They create the time for you to do it.

This is just what I need!

Make business easy and fun

Stop doing the wiggly route with all the loop the loops and choose the direct route to where you want to go!

These Monthly Planning Workshops set a time for you to concentrate on creating YOUR step by step plan to move you and your business forward.

Each month, we create our own personalised plans in a supportive, co-working space, where we inspire each other.

In the form of a Mastermind, you’ll be able to talk through concerns and challenges as well as get advice on how to move forward when obstacles pop up.

I’ll also be there to coach you to overcome fears and encourage you to push yourself further or if the opposite applies, rein you in, if you think there are more hours in the day!

At the end of each workshop, you’ll have clarity and confidence that you know how to grow your business!

But it doesn’t just stop there!

To make sure you have accountability and continued total support, there will be a Facebook Group, where you’ll be able to ask for help, support and inspiration.

So you won’t just plan for success, you’ll achieve it!

Planning Workshops

They’ll be no excuses!


YES! I want time freedom!

If you’re resisting planning, then ask yourself why..

Many of the business owners I come across find excuses to avoid planning, because they have a fear of failure… this often comes back to them putting too many goals in and not being realistic about what they can fit into their time!

I was one of those people! Hands up! I constantly proved my fear of failure right, by being overly optimistic about what I could actually do!

There’s definitely a balance!

When you get planning right, you might spend 60 – 90 minutes a month planning, but you’ll save several hours as a result, over the same period.

There are added bonuses too;
You’re more confident in the decisions you make as you’re clear about what you need,
You don’t get distracted with things like 5 day challenges that you don’t need now , maybe in a few months time, but just not right now… we all know that there’ll always be more challenges!
By creating focus, you can work on what will make you the money,
You’ll achieve what you set out to do
It won’t make you a millionaire in a month, but it’ll get you closer… each month you’ll move forward!
When a curve ball comes along, you’ll be able to adjust quickly and easily,
It makes business and life easier and so much more fun!
Which means you’ll make more money!
So you’re more motivated
Which makes you more productive

It’s simple AND so effective!

Now I consistently plan in my own business I’ve created the time freedom I had craved for so long.

Achieving what I set out to do, means I can be more present with my husband and kids. Not thinking about what I should have done or still need to do!

What people say about the Workshops and support…

I would like to say a big Thank You to you, Sam, for introducing me to your Monthly Planning Workshops.

They have been so helpful to me, especially as I’m setting up a new business and my head is all over the place some days, with lots to think about and do.

The Workshop is a small slot of time at the start of each month where I dedicate my energy and mind to planning what is going to happen in the next few weeks of the month.  This is not my natural way of working as I used to just hope for the best and go day to day, week to week, seeing what needed to be done as I went, drifting along basically.

I’m now setting out what I want to achieve and breaking it down into small chunks to get where I want to be by the end of the month.  Granted, it doesn’t always work out exactly as planned, but I definitely achieve far better results – and my sales have increased since starting the workshop, which I’m really happy about!

It’s fabulous value as Sam provides me with great advice and support and the fact that I can ask for help in between workshops is really valuable to me.  If you are looking for a bit more structure to your monthly activities and are looking for the right support to help you along the way, I would highly recommend Sam’s Monthly Planning Workshops, you won’t regret it or look back.

Teresa Palmer

Owner, Natures Guide to Self-Care

I would highly recommend working doing Sam’s Monthly Planning Workshops. Although the workshops are aimed at our businesses we discuss much more than just that and the results can be seen. The connections and support the whole group offer each other is incredible.

Katie McGreal


Samantha has a special gift for pulling out of you what needs to get done and then helps you get it done by implementing plans and setting goals.

Her Workshops have totally changed my life!!!

I have gone from being all over the place, feeling totally stressed out and having a chaotic life to feeling calm and content.

Knowing that I can achieve it all one step at a time. I am so incredibly grateful that Samantha and my paths crossed when they did.

I believe that everyone would benefit from Samantha’s Workshops and 121’s to get a grip on life.

Philippa Storie

Owner, Crystal Clear

I need to plan!

Ermm.. I'm not sure...

That’s fine, why not join my free Facebook Group instead… we’d love you to join us in the collective.

Planning Workshops

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