The Problem Solver

The One Off, Low Cost, Group Coaching Session

Samantha Jane Slater

Grab a cuppa and let’s do this together….

This is a one off, low cost, group coaching session to get you moving again.

Because sometimes we don’t want to invest in a big coaching programme

You simply have an issue, you wouldn’t mind chatting over…

Putting the pieces together with a Power Hour


This is just what I need!

It can be lonely running your business

It can be lonely running a business

Sometimes it’s just good to talk things through with someone.

Someone who is removed

Friends and family are great if you have their support (which sadly is not always the case!), but their advice is tainted with their own blocks and limiting beliefs.  They may want you to succeed, but like your subconscious, they also want to keep you safe!

But actually sometimes, it’s just a simple conversation we need.

We don’t always need a long course or a one to one with all the detail and accountability to go with it.

We just want to talk through our problem and find a solution.

It’s that simple!

You’re stuck or frustrated

You’re doing ok, but you’ve come to a bit of a hiccup

Maybe you’re not sure whether to change direction

Need help on a decision

Just want clarity about how to proceed

Not sure what it is that’s blocking you, but there’s something that you could do with some help on

You’re going through the motions, but money is just not coming

You’re not sure which direction to take

It’s not anything major you need help with, just a chat to work out how to get moving again.

That is where The Problem Solver, solves your problem!

Every month, I set 2 hours aside for The Problem Solver

You simply book on when you need it

Then you and others join me on zoom

Numbers are limited to 8 per session, to ensure you get time to talk over what you need.

We go in the order you book on, so if you’re the first to book on, you get first go.

You get to talk over what is causing you an issue and I coach you to a solution.

You don’t have to stay for the whole 2 hours, but there are advantages to being there, as often when we hear what others are doing, it helps us learn more too!

That is why I love group coaching for myself!

We don’t know what we don’t know, but by listening to others, it can shed light on those dark areas!


Power Hour


Reignite your passion

A conversation about what is holding you back, can quickly shed light on what you need to do!


I need this!

This is not going to give you major transformation

This is a quick fix solution.

If you need something more indepth, then look at my other offerings.

This is to solve a single problem, talk over an issue or identify what is holding you back.

I may give you some tapping to do, direct you to a mediation or get you to journal.  I may even tell you to JFDI, if you are resisting.

But there’s no accountability here, you’ll need to do that bit

However, it will give you the ability to talk things over

To access my coaching expertise at a mega low price

To get a solution to your situation

Give you clarity to move forward

This is about enabling you to access a level of coaching that is not normally available, because sometimes that is all we need!


I could do with some help!

What People Say about working with me…

When Sam says that her super power is seeing what you cannot see… the blocks getting in your way of success…. she isn’t lying or pulling a marketing stunt! This is indeed her super power … 100%


These 30 mins proved incredible as we candidly talked about where I am now and where I want to be and then, WHAM! Samantha Slater hit a couple of nails on the head.


She knew that I know I know the answers and with Sam’s help I now know where to dig a bit deeper.
I have a few things to work on with one immediate action I am going to do right now and that in itself has boosted my self confidence.


Samantha Slater is the women to help you get over those blocks…
Dawn Walton

Owner, Innerself Coaching

Samantha has a special gift for pulling out of you what needs to get done and then helps you get it done by implementing plans and setting goals.

Her Workshops have totally changed my life!!!

I have gone from being all over the place, feeling totally stressed out and having a chaotic life to feeling calm and content.

Knowing that I can achieve it all one step at a time. I am so incredibly grateful that Samantha and my paths crossed when they did.

I believe that everyone would benefit from Samantha’s Workshops and 121’s to get a grip on life.

Philippa Storie

Owner, Crystal Clear Healing

ermm... I'm not sure...

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